I. PROCESSING TIME FRAME: Processing an application normally takes between 1-3 days. Due to unforeseen circumstances, some applications may take longer. You will be contacted immediately upon determination of approval or denial. You will have 48 hours to complete all lease requirements for the property for which the application is submitted.


  • A. All applications must be filled out and e-signed by the applicant on all pages of the application. NO APPLICATION WILL BE PROCESSED THAT IS NOT FULLY COMPLETED AND ESIGNED.
  • B. The application fee is $50.00 per adult person. Each person over the age of 18 must complete the
    application process and e-sign the lease as a responsible party. Please note that application fees are
  • C. Valid current photo documentation (driver’s license, military ID, or State ID) is required.
  • D. All applicants will be evaluated by a third party screening company.
    • 1. Applicants are scored in three main areas: income/employment, residence history and credit history. Applicants earn points for positive factors and points are deducted for negative factors. If an applicant is strong in two of the areas it may compensate for being weaker in the third area.
    • 2. If an applicant does not earn enough points for approval, then additional requirements may be recommended, or the application may be declined.
    • 3. Income criteria may increase for additional occupants and/or roommates.
    • 4. Desired criteria for approval:
      • a. A satisfactory credit score from the credit bureau.
      • b. 24 month’s rental history on a lease or mortgage.
      • c. Monthly rent amount cannot exceed 35% of gross monthly income.
    • 5. APPLICANT(S) MUST PROVIDE VERIFICATION OF INCOME. (Pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, letter from CPA, court decree on child support or alimony, etc. Attach proof of income to the application.
  • F. An application will be automatically denied if:
    • 1. Applicant(s) has falsified information on the application.
    • 2. Convicted of any felony within the past ten (10) years. The applicant(s) must not have a felony
      record that was adjudicated guilty or had adjudication withheld for the past ten (10) years or a
      serious misdemeanor record that was adjudicated guilty or had adjudication withheld within the
      past ten (10) years.
    • 3. Convicted of any sexual related offense in the applicant(s) history.
    • 4. Applicant(s) has been evicted in the past seven (7) years.
  • G. For those applicants that are approved with contingencies, we will further verify the information on
    the application.
  • H. Co-signers must be over the age of 18, pay a separate application processing fee and be approved
    without contingencies.
  • I. For applicants without a social security number, they must show proof of permitted stay in the US
    with a visa. If applicant shows proof to be able to work in the US, then the last (3) months rent must
    be paid in advance.


  • A. The Application fee(s) are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • B. There is a NON-REFUNDABLE pet fee of $30.00 per month, per pet on all properties that allow
    pets. Some owners may require higher pet fees, which will be disclosed at the time of application.
  • C. If you have water-filled furniture, you must provide Secure Investments Realty & Management Corp.
    with proof of insurance. (FS. 83.535)
  • D. No properties are held for more than two (2) weeks unless approved by owner.
  • E. If application is approved, you must sign a lease and provide a security deposit in certified funds for the premises within forty-eight (48) hours. If an applicant fails to complete the lease and provide the
    necessary security deposit within the time limit–the applicant will be rejected and the property
    returned to the open market. If the applicant submits the security deposit and signs the lease,
    and attempts to terminate the lease prior to occupying the property–the security deposit will be
    forfeited as liquidated damages for the owner.
  • F. Normally applications will be processed on a “first come-first serve basis”; however, due to our
    fiduciary relationship with the owner, if more than one (1) application is submitted before approval can
    be achieved, we are required to select the highest rated application for placement.
  • G. The application must be complete and e-signed. If you are in the military, please submit the most
    current LES.
  • H. All information collected for the approval or denial of this application is considered
    confidential in nature and for Company use only.
  • I. Keys will be released on the first (1st) day of occupancy and under NO circumstances before.
  • J. If occupancy occurs any day after the first (1st) day of the month, rent will be pro-rated for the
    remainder of the month.
  • K. “All applicants must see the interior of the property before a Lease can be submitted and accept the
    property in an AS IS condition, except where there is written agreement for repairs with the owner. If
    so, that agreement will become a part of the lease. Verbal representations are non-binding.
  • L. All subsequent funds prior to move-in must be paid online through the Tenant portal.

What you will need to apply to rent from Secure Investments Realty & Management Corp. Realty

  • One application per person over 18 with $50.00 application fee per person
    • We will need to contact your last two years rental references
    • We will verify the income is at least 3 times the monthly rent
    • We will run credit check, eviction search and criminal background check
  • For roommates each person will have to meet the criteria on their own
  • If you do not meet the criteria you may be able to get a Co-Signer if the property owner will accept co-signers
    • The co-signers monthly income must be at least 5 times the monthly rent
    • We will run a credit check on the co-signer as well

For International Applicants:

  • If you do not have Social Security # you must provide the following:
    • Copy of Visa and a Copy of Passport
    • First months rent, security deposit and last 3 months rent

Reasons you may be declined

  • Bankruptcy or Foreclosure in the past 2 years
  • Felony in the past 10 years
  • Any Criminal Record for Violent act against a person

  • Once approved you will need to pay e-sign the lease then pay the security through the tenant portal within 48
  • If we are unable to verify previous rental history we cannot approve your application
    • You can help get your application approved by bringing a letter of reference from your landlord on their
      letter head

You must provide verification of income, most recent pay check stub, letter from CPA, and court decree on child support or alimony. If self employed, two years of tax returns. All must be submitted with your application.

We cannot accept partial applications all applications and Co-Signor applications must be submitted at the same time.

Please submit the following with your application:

  • $50 application fee
  • copy of Drivers License
  • proof of income
  • Picture of pet(s) if applicable