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Before submitting your Online Maintenance Request, please look at our Maintenance Troubleshooting Guide to avoid being charged for unnecessary maintenance visits.

Disposal Not Working

• Check the fuse box / circuit breaker. And if the disposal is plugged into a wall outlet, check the wall outlet.
• Inspect the unit for a lodged object. Turn off power to the unit and fish out object with tongs or forceps.

Outlet or lights Not Working

• Check the fuse box/circuit breaker and make sure everything is fully set to the ON position or the fuses aren't blown. Check for an overload - too many appliances plugged into one circuit. Unplug all appliances and reset the breaker. Check the GFI outlet and reset it if it is tripped.

Air Conditioning System Not Cooling

• Clean any debris from the condenser unit so air can circulate freely around the fins. If in direct sun, create shade for the unit. Does your air filter need replacing? Replace your air filter if it is dirty. This will help the unit to maintain good airflow.

Dishwasher Not Working

• Check the fuse box / circuit breaker.

Toilet Stopped Up

• Try to unstop it with a plunger.

Toilet Running or Overflowing

• If running, open the top lid and adjust the flapper.
• If overflowing, turn off the water valve on the left side of the toilet.

Dryer not Drying Clothes

• Clean out the accumulated lint in the dryer vent.

Washer Leaking

• Check connections and hoses. Tighten if needed.

Water Pump not working After Power Failure

• Press reset button at bottom of pump.

If the pool water levels are down or you suspect the pool has a leak

• Fill a bucket with water and place on the pool steps. Make sure the water line in the bucket is at the same level as in the pool. Wait 24 hours and check the level in the pool and the bucket. See if there are any differences.
   • If there is no difference, then it is evaporation.
   • If the pool level is lower than the bucket level, do another 24 hour test with the pool pump turned off.
   • If there is no difference in the levels, the problem is probably within the pool pump.
   • If there are differences in the level, then there's likely a leak in the pool lines.

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